What is the benefit of having my lock re-keyed versus buying a new one?
Most individuals are not aware that a lock can be what is called “re-keyed,” instead of buying and installing a new one. When a lock re-keyed, only the cylinder is replaced. This may not save a lot of time, but it is less costly, and if you have to replace several locks, it is by far much more practical.

Can you help with safes?
Yes. Our expert technicians can help you get your safe open, in no time. They are highly-trained in all kinds of safes, including key-locks, digital, turn dial, and more. So, whether you lost your key, forgot the code, or even if the battery dies, our locksmiths have the experience and skill to unlock your safe.

Do you have commercial quality locks and systems for my building/business?
We offer numerous grades of locks and systems, with a variety of purposed and at all different costs. – We have worked with hundreds of commercial clients, all who have different needs and requirements regarding their building or business. Our experts will perform a complete evaluation and inspection of your current locks and systems to determine their quality and efficiency. Together, we will develop a customized security plan for your business/building.

If I get locked out of my car or home, do you have to break something to get in?
It is our chief priority to help you gain access to your vehicle or home quickly and efficiently. Our experts are highly-skilled and can help you to gain access, legally, without damaging or breaking your car, door, windows, etc. However, the amount of time it takes to unlock the lock will vary, according to the type of lock.

What is a master-key system?
Master-keys allow for many locks to be opened with the same key. For instance, homeowners will only need one key to unlock the front and back doors. This option is even more of a necessity for businesses and buildings, so security guards, cleaning crews, maintenance workers, and higher-authority personnel can access different rooms, with one key. And although commercial locks have master-keys, each lock can also have its own key, so certain individuals can only access particular rooms. The downside to master-keys is that if a key is lost or gets into the wrong hands, all of the locks must be re-keyed, which is costly and time consuming.